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Meal Plans

Meal Plans

During this time we are not able to provide customized meal plans. This comprehensive 7-day plant-based meal plan contains instructions on how to tailor the menu and recipes to suit your individual nutrition needs.

In this complete 70-page vegan one-week meal plan:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create simple, healthy plant-based recipes,
  • Over 30 vegan recipes, that are also gluten-free and free of refined sugars (no sandwiches and wraps I promise). This includes 7 exciting breakfast recipes, 7 simple lunch recipes, and 7 healthy and delicious dinner recipes,
  • Instructions on how to calculate your own individual calorie and protein requirements, with adjustments for weight loss goals or muscle building goals,
  • Nutrition tips on how to maximize nutrient absorption from plant-based source,s something that is especially important for those following a vegan diet where certain minerals can be harder to access,
  • My best tips on how to ensure each and every one of your nutrient needs are being met
  • Considerations for ethical eating – avoiding animal products is one part of being an ethical eater.

This is a complete and comprehensive vegan meal plan. Written by a Registered Dietitian, everything is evidence-based and contains all essential information to follow a healthy, balanced plant-based diet.

This One-Week Vegan Meal Plan is for:

  • Those considering the switch to a plant-based diet – helping to get you off to a great start with all the essential information to do it properly,
  • Those already following a plant-based diet who want to make sure their nutrient intake is maximized,
  • Those that follow a more flexitarian (some animal products) who wish to incorporate more plant-based meals into their routine, whether it be for health, or environmental reasons.


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