Registered Dietitian | Certified Diabetes Educator | Victoria BC


At Pacific North Nutrition we want to help you achieve your health-related goals. Unfortunately, Rachel has taken a short-term job contract in Tofino and many services are currently unavailable, we apologise for any inconvenience. Some areas that we specialize in include:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Vegetarian, Vegan Diets
  • Weight Management
  • Women’s Health

Prices For Dietitian Services

Many extended health benefits plans cover services delivered by a Registered Dietitian, contact your plan for more details*. 

Initial Consultation 60 Min – In-Person – $130 – Currently Unavailable

Includes a full review of your current medical and health history, medications, supplements, nutrition concerns, and food journal record. Goal-setting will help create an action plan to support the achievement of your nutrition goals. A summary of recommendations and any relevant resources or recipes will be provided at the end of the consultation.

Initial Consultation 60 Min –  Skype/Facetime – $120

As per above but done from the comfort of your own home.

Follow Up Session 45 Min – In-Person – $80 – Currently Unavailable

This will include a 45-minute review, in person, of your progress, any changes to your health, lab values, diet or goals.

Follow Up Session 45 Min – Skype/Facetime – $70

As per above but done from the comfort of your own home.

Follow up Session 30 Min – In-Person – $65 – Currently Unavailable

As per above. This choice is suited for those requiring accountability and regular motivation as well as tips on self-management.

Follow up Session 30 Min – Skype/Facetime – $60

As per above but done from the comfort of your own home.

Custom 7-Day Meal Plan – $200 – Currently Unavailable

An individualized 7-Day Meal Plan will include recipes suited to your taste and lifestyle, a full nutrition analysis of each recipe, a weekly average of calorie, protein and focus minerals, and a personalized summary of your key nutrition targets and recommendations. Meal Plans will always keep the season in mind.

Comprehensive 7-Day Meal Plan (Standard) – $29.99

Fully comprehensive meal plan featuring over 30 plant-based recipes, with tips on how to maximize a plant-based diet included in the meal plan. All recipes are gluten-free and free of refined sugar. A shopping list is included with this meal plan.

DNA Analysis – see below

DNA analysis through Gene BluePrint allows for personal health and wellness programs based on your own individual DNA. Using the same lab as and 23andMe we can use science-backed nutrition markers that will help design personalized meal plans. Sessions come with an RD visit to discuss test results. Please contact for more information.

Nutrition and Vitamin, Mineral Analysis – $50 – Currently Unavailable

No initial consultation needed. This option is best for those looking for a breakdown of their macronutrient intake, as well as vitamin and minerals. After analysis or a  three-day food journal, a Daily Nutrient Intake Report will be sent back to you via e-mail with any identified nutrient deficiencies and corresponding nutrition recommendations. A follow-up appointment can be booked to discuss the results in more detail.

Package #1 – In-Person – $500 – Currently Unavailable

    • Initial Consultation 60 Minutes
    • One 7 Day Individualized Meal Plan and Recipes
    • 30 Minute Follow Up Session by Phone/E-mail
    • Second 7 Day Individualized Meal Plan and Recipes
    • Ongoing Regular E-mail Follow Up

Package #1 – Skype/Facetime – $480 – Currently Unavailable

Package #2 – In-Person $490

    • Initial Consultation 60 Minutes
    • 6 x Follow Up Sessions 30 Minutes Each
    • Personalized Recipe Booklet
    • Ongoing Regular E-mail Follow Up

Package #2 – Skype/Facetime – $470

Package #3 – In Person – $490

  • Initial Consultation 60 Minutes
  • DNA Nutrition Analysis
  • Free access to a 90-day DNA-based training program by Dr. Nicholas Jones

Package #4 – *SPECIAL* – Skype/Facetime only – $80

*Canadian companies that we are familiar with that included dietitian services in their employee health care plans include:

Loblaw Companies Limited; Banks – TD, CIBC, RBC; Nurses -varies from province to province, Canada Post; Department of National Defense; Universities – Ottawa, UBC, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Winnipeg; Some school districts and Teacher’s Associations – varies from province to province; RCMP; Telus; Global News; Shaw; BC Hydro, Manitoba Hydro; Province of Manitoba, Nova Scotia; City of Winnipeg, City of Calgary; Workman’s Compensation Board; Abbott Nutrition

This is not an exhaustive list and the content has not been confirmed by the named companies.